Rules & Regulations (Jan 2014)

COOPERATION - The Rules and Regulations herein set forth have been prescribed in a sincere and friendly effort to promote your comfort and security. Your cooperation will be appreciated.
  1. HOUSEHOLD PETS - No dogs, cats and other animals will be permitted in apartments at any time. Note: Fish in a 10 gallon or smaller aquarium is allowed.
  2. NOISE - Residents and guests shall have due regard for the peace, comfort and enjoyment of other residents. Musical instruments, radios, television sets, record players, etc., shall be played only during reasonable hours, normally 8am to 10:00pm, and at reasonable volume to be determined by the landlord.
  3. SMOKING - No smoking is permitted on the property.  This includes buildings, parking lots stairways and grounds.
  4. ANTENNAS - No wires, aerials, antennas for radio or television, or wires, ropes, etc., for clothes drying, etc., shall be installed on the roof, decks, or other parts of the building without written permission of the management.
  5. SATELLITE DISHES - There shall be no satellite dishes installed on the premises.
  6. SUBLETTING - Subletting is not allowed. Any guests remaining longer than three days will no longer be considered guests and will be ordered to vacate said premises.
  7. MOVING - No moving into or from said premises will take place between the hours of 10:00pm and 8:00am.
  8. WINDOWS & BALCONY - Dust mops, rags tablecloths and clothing shall not be shaken, cleaned or left in any of the public areas or any windows, door, deck or landing. Exterior windows sills and ledges shall not be used for storage of bottles, food, etc.
  9. ALTERATIONS - No changes in any fixture or wiring or alteration to apartment, including entry door lock, will be permitted without written permission by management. No credit will be given for repair, painting, etc., made by resident. Approval must be obtained prior to hanging of any heavy object on the walls or from the ceiling. Use only picture hooks to hang pictures, mirrors, and decorative items on the walls. Do not use a glue/paste backed or stick-on hanger hooks.
  10. WATER RUNNING - Water shall not be left running in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or elsewhere. Immediately report plumbing defects to the manager. Residents will be required to pay for damage to and plugging of plumbing due to their neglect.
  11. GARBAGE - All garbage is to be deposited in garbage containers that are provided and are located near each apartment building. All wet garbage must be wrapped.
  12. BICYCLES - All wheeled apparatus, including bicycles, tricycles, baby carriages and motorcycles, will not be ridden across or parked on the sidewalks, grass or planted areas. These items must not be stored in halls, walkways, porches or other public areas, except as authorized by management. There are bicycle racks on the grounds for storage purposes.
  13. LANDSCAPE - The resident shall not alter, disturb or interfere in any way with the landscaping without consent of management.
  14. PARKING AREAS - No automobiles, trailers, boats, motorcycles, campers, or other motorized vehicles shall be stored or repaired on the premises without written permission of the management. All inoperative motorized vehicles will be removed from the premises at the residents' expense upon 72 hours' posted notice by management on the vehicle. The maximum speed within the project will be 10 mph unless otherwise posted. No back-in parking next to buildings as fumes go into apartments. No oil, fuel, anti-freeze or other such liquids shall be disposed of in any sewer or storm drain.
  15. KEYS - Resident agrees to pay for each key lost during residency or not returned at time of vacating. 
  16. STORAGE - No storage of personal belongings or furnishings will be permitted on decks, porches or public areas.
  17. WATERBEDS - No water beds are permitted without evidence that the complex, its owner and agent are named as additional insured of renter's policy of insurance with regard to liability and property damage coverage's.
  18. BLINDS - No drapes, awnings, draw shades or non-conforming curtains or drapes shall be installed on exterior windows without written permission of the management.
  19. ROOF ACCESS - Residents are not permitted access to the roof.
  20. SMOKE DETECTOR - Each unit is equipped with 3 smoke detectors. Resident is responsible for maintaining the device in proper operating condition, including replacement of batteries if necessary. Failure to comply can result in a fine of not more than $200 (RCW 48.48. 140). Smoke detector has been inspected by tenant and is in working order. Resident agrees to replace battery when necessary, if applicable. Manager will check smoke detectors each November and May.
  21. COMPLAINTS - All complaints, requests, and maintenance defects shall be made in writing directly to management. Management is not responsible for fire, theft or damage to personal effects, etc., in apartment, or any portion of the building. For your security, keep your apartment door locked at all times. No paints, oils, gasoline or any flammable materials are permitted in the apartment or storage areas.
  22. GUESTS - Tenants are fully responsible for their guests. Residents must advise their guests of the rules and regulations and make sure they comply. Residents agree to reimburse owner for any vandalism or damages caused by their guests.  Tenant will also pay fines levied by landlord because guest did not follow rules.  This includes $25 fine should guests park in the parking lot.
  23. COLD WEATHER - Due to the cold winter weather, you must keep some heat on in the apartment when you are away so the plumbing does not freeze. Should any damage occur, you will be held responsible for cost of damage repair.
  24. APARTMENT LOCKOUTS - If tenant should lock themselves out of their unit, management will let tenant in for a fee of $25 to be paid at the time of unlock. Unlocks will occur only between 9am - 5pm.
  25. PARTYING - Partying is not tolerated. Failure to comply with this regulation may initiate eviction proceedings.
  26. DAMAGE - If the walls and/or ceiling need to be repainted, carpets or blinds need to be replaced due to the excessive marks, holes, dirt, candle or cigarette smoke residue, or any other reason, tenant may be charged up to $2,000 for painting, $3,000 for replacing carpets, $100 for replacing blinds and $200 for replacing an interior door.
  27. POWER RECEIPT - Receipt from Power Company is required from tenant before keys to unit will be released.
  28. VACATING UNIT - Unit must be vacated and keys turned in by 9am on the last day of the lease.
  29. EMAIL NOTICES - From time to time management needs to contact tenants to advise them of information such as dates of Safety Inspections, Late Rent Notices, Holiday Reminders, etc. If tenant does not wish to receive these notices via email he must notify management in writing.
  30. BBQ - Use of outside BBQs is strictly prohibited on premise.
Failure to comply with any of the rules and regulations and/or terms of your lease agreement will result in a $25 fine per incident to be paid by tenant within ten days of notification. Failure to comply and/or pay fine may result in eviction proceedings.