4.0 Apartment Scholarship

4.0 Apartments will award the following academic scholarships at the conclusion of each academic term:
  • Academic Achievement / Scholarship Amount
    • Undergraduate and Baccalaureate
      4.0 GPA
      3.99 to 3.75 GPA
      4.0 GPA
      3.99 to 3.75 GPA
  • You must meet the following criteria in addition to achieving the required GPA to win this scholarship:
    • Be a rent paying, resident of 4.0 Apartments for the full quarter.
    • Take a full academic load -
      • 15 graded college level credit hours or more for undergraduates and post baccalaureates
      • 10 graded credit hours or more for graduate students.
    • Pay the rent by noon on the first business day of the month each month during the quarter.
    • Have no dishonored checks, fines for not following the rules or reprimands by manager during the quarter.
    • Behave maturely and responsibly as well as follow all apartment rules during the quarter.
    • During the final quarter as a resident, you must thoroughly clean your apartment and depart without owing any cleaning charges. You also must return your parking pass and your keys. You will have met this requirement if your full security deposit is returned.
  • There is no limit to the number of scholarships to be granted during each quarter. There also is no limit to the number of times a single tenant can win the scholarship during his/her stay at 4.0 Apartments.
  • Administration:
    • To apply for the scholarship, present an official sealed copy of your transcript to the apartment manager as follows.
    • Fall grades -- submit prior to Jan 15th
    • Winter grades -- submit prior to Apr 15th
    • Spring grades -- submit prior to Jul 15th
    • Summer grades -- sumbit prior to Sep 15th
    • Apartment owner will review the transcript to verify that applicant meets the criteria.
    • Applicant for the scholarship will be notified of the owner's decision.
    • Scholarship winner will receive a check for the amount of the scholarship.
    • Terms and conditions for awarding and administering this scholarship can be changed at anytime without notice.

The following news release was reported in the Ellensburg Daily Record on May 1 2012 ( See original article )

Scholarship Recipiants

From left: Susie Keenan and Alex Pritchard - Central Washington Students - were awarded scholarships from 4.0 apartments

CWU students earn scholarships from local apartment complex

4.0 Apartments in Ellensburg awarded $500 scholarships to Central Washington University students Alex Pritchard and Susan Keenan in recognition of their superior academic performance in the 2012 winter quarter. Both are graduate students in the primate behavior program. They plan to complete their graduate work at Central, go on to do doctorate work and eventually teach at the university level. Keenan is especially interested in the process of teaching sign language to chimps, according to a news release.

4.0 Apartments, on Juniper Avenue, strives to create a favorable atmosphere for study and encourages student tenants to excel academically. The apartment awards scholarships each quarter to tenants who achieve a 4.0 grade-point average. To qualify for the scholarship, the tenant must be a full-time student, have no late rent payments or dishonored checks, respect the rights of others and be a good neighbor.