Study at 4.0 Apartments

You do not have to have a 4.0 GPA to live at 4.0 Apartments but we will do everything possible to provide you with the environment for making good grades and/or having a peaceful place to live.

..On-site managers enforce the rules, make sure noise level is kept to a minimum and perform maintenance. They keep distractions to a minimum and make sure everything is kept working.

..Extensive New Tenant Screening is performed on all applications. We do not let anyone move-in unless we think they will be respectful of others, willing to follow our rules related to noise and seriously desire a quiet place to live. Your application probably will be more closely scrutinized at 4.0 Apartments than at other apartments. You can be assured that your neighbor’s application will receive the same scrutiny.

..Partying is not allowed. It is prohibited by our Rules and Regulations. The managers strictly enforce this rule.

..Apartments are Clean when new tenants move-in. We thoroughly clean apartments, shampoo rugs and touchup paint as needed between tenants. We completely repaint every apartment at least every 3 years and we replace the rugs at least every 7 years. This provides the residence with a good environment to live and study.

..We have a Local Owner who can quickly make decisions affecting residents. This facilitates quick action to resolve any problems or concerns that impact tenants.

..We are two blocks from CWU. You will be able to quickly get to and from classes, spending less time in transit. You will also save on gas.

..The buildings are 4-Plexs so the student density is reduced, reducing the number of tenants that may cause distractions.

..We perform Semi-Annual Safety Inspections to make sure unsafe situations do not exist. This reduces the potential for unexpected disruptions.

..Snow Removal from parking lot and sidewalks is done by on-site managers. This facilitates getting to work and/or classes.